12 Times ATEEZ’s San Was A Total Thirst Trap Despite Not Being An Official Visual

It’s time to sign a petition to make him another visual of the group!

San may not be one of the visuals of ATEEZ, but that doesn’t stop him from blowing us away with his looks!

Here are some of his top moments that made us stop in our tracks.

1.  This red ensemble to go with his purplish-red streaks in the “HALA HALA” era:

2. When he rocked this beautiful airy ash-blond hairstyle during “Wave” promotions:

3.  The cute silver-green streak of hair he wore during “Answer” promotions:

4.  When his silver streak was turned blue:

5.  The unforgettable Mummy-inspired makeup he spooked us with during ATEEZ’s Halloween performance of “Wonderland”:

6.  The sly Slytherin-like look he donned for a fan signing:

7.  The cute side-braids he was styled with in late 2019:

8.  This very rude dark hair, shimmery eyeshadow and dewy skin combo:

9.  When he ditched his usual dark attire for this fetching white tracksuit:

10.  When he was a kitty:

11.  And lastly, any time he wears these chic glasses:

12. Seriously.  Anytime:

ATINY can’t wait to see what magic his stylists will work with him next!