Here Are 15+ Baby And Pre-Debut Pictures Of ATEEZ’s Seonghwa To Celebrate His Birthday

“For being born and living as you, we celebrate for you!”

April 3 is a very special day for ATINYs! In 1998, the oldest member of ATEEZ, Seonghwa, was born, and that’s something totally worth celebrating. Known for his sweet, caring, protective demeanor with the other members and fans as well as with people as a whole, this beautiful human being deserves all the love and praise on his birthday. Here’s a look back at some adorable baby and pre-debut pictures of him to celebrate his special day!

1. Don’t cry baby!

2. He was already sailing on ships even before joining ATEEZ!

3. This photo recreation is absolutely adorable.

4. Seonghwa’s older brother is just as adorable as he is!

5. Fashionable even as a young child!

6. Look at that sweet sleeping face.

7. He seems so confident and cool giving a school presentation.

8. How were his visuals so great even back then??

9. Of course we have to share his yearbook photo!

10. He seems like he was such a happy, positive person to be around.

11. Absolutely stunning.

12. His smile is enough to make anyone’s heart melt.

13. He was already fine AF during their pre-debut KQ Fellaz era!

14. He and Hongjoong have been sweetly attached at the hip for a long time.

15. Imagine being the center of attention for his intense focus!

16. Praising Hongjoong like the great friend he is!

This cutie is all grown up now, and his beauty and loveable nature are a blessing to the world.




Happy birthday Seonghwa!!