ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Confessed To Saving Memes From ATINYs, And These 20 Hilarious Examples Will Show You Why

Bow down to the meme king!

ATINYs have known for a while that ATEEZ‘s Seonghwa seems to be well-aware of memes that get circulated throughout the community, and recently, he confirmed that not only does he see them, but he saves many of them onto his phone (apparently without showing his fellow members) to use later when the timing is right! He’s told fans to use the hashtag #성화짤_가보자고, which translates literally to “#SeonghwaMemesLetsGo”, and this request to bring on the Seonghwa memes has ATINYs already flooding the tag with hilarious images! Here are 20 of them for you to enjoy.

1. This is one of the most well-known recent ones, which Seonghwa posted himself with the caption claiming that he spoiled the choreography for their upcoming “Deja Vu” release!

2. This is a great meme to use if you need anyone to chill out and back off 😂


3. Sometimes the most blurry images make the best memes.


4. What a whirlwind of emotions 😂


5. This is just… Something else.


6. Always remember that Seonghwa is proud of you 😁


7. This wouldn’t be a list of Seonghwa memes without the iconic Seonghwa smile-grimace!


8. What it feels like to be the oldest member in a group of wild kids.


9. Been there.


10. This isn’t even his final form…


11. Honestly, every expression that Seonghwa makes in these is such a mood.


12. We definitely feel you there, Seonghwa.


13. This is basically the last year and a half in one image.


14. Meme 👏 King 👏


15. Perfect recreation of an already famous meme.


16. Is this his final form??


17. The concentration in this image is immense.


18. Does anything really need to be said?


19. The sass this one image holds!


20. And finally, another picture depicting how we’re all handling 2021.