ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Might Look Intimidating, But Here Are 11 Times He Proved He’s An Absolute Angel

ATINYs know he’s the sweetest!

Several of ATEEZ‘s members — most notably their “demon line”, San, Seonghwa, and Hongjoong — are known to have intimidating presences on stage that can seem almost frightening to people who aren’t familiar with them. However, any ATINY would be quick to tell you that all of the members are absolute sweethearts, and any tough and edgy persona they put on is just due to their great acting and performing abilities! Seonghwa in particular may be intimidating with just how beautiful he is, and with the intense stare he can adopt on stage, it’s enough to get anyone’s heart pounding. But here are 11 times where he proved that he is just about as sweet and adorable as they come!

1. Just try to name a cuter angel.

2. Just look how cute he is with cat ears in his hair…

3. He wants to communicate his love and appreciation for as many ATINYs as he can!

4. Who could resist such an adorable pout?

5. The duality of Wooyoung & Seonghwa compared to Jongho on and off-stage… 😂

6. Just look at this giant sweetheart!

7. Is there a purer image than this?

8. He gets excited over the cutest things!

9. He truly loves ATEEZ’s fans ❤

10. He always looks so happy and adorable performing “Dancing Like Butterly Wings”!

11. He treats his fellow members so lovingly!