These 50+ Photos Are Undeniable Proof That ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Has Been Gorgeous Since Pre-Debut

He’s been a visual far before it was made official.

Seonghwa is one of three visuals of ATEEZ — the other two being Yeosang and Wooyoung — and it’s quickly easy to see why. He has the look and build of a model, and has made ATINYs worldwide swoon over his beauty and amazing stage presence.

This isn’t a recent thing for Seonghwa, however. Looking back on pre-debut and early ATEEZ pictures of the idol, it’s obvious that he’s just gorgeous by nature! Here are 50+ images through ATEEZ’s eras to prove it.

1. Pre-Debut: Before October 24, 2018

Sometimes idols can look drastically different before they debuted, but Seonghwa definitely had visual appeal even before he became a part of ATEEZ!

With his silky-looking black hair and gorgeous tan skin, it’s no wonder that apparently many girls had crushes on him in school.

2. “Pirate King”/”Treasure” Era (Treasure EP.1: All To Zero): Starting October 24, 2018

Seonghwa’s visuals really didn’t change much between his pre-debut photos and ATEEZ’s first era, and that’s just proof of how perfect he already was.


The length of his still-black hair suited him so well, and he could flawlessly look intense or cute depending on the situation!


3. “Say My Name”/”HALA HALA” Era (Treasure EP.2: Zero To One): Starting January 15, 2019

This period of the group’s career brought us blond Seonghwa, and even though it was a drastic change, he more than proved that he can pull off a lighter-colored look.


Even with a lighter color, however, he still looked powerful and practically regal!


4. “Wave”/”Illusion” Era (Treasure EP.3: One To All): Starting June 10, 2019

The ashy shorter ashy-brown hair color and minimal makeup style of the “Wave” era made Seonghwa look like everyone’s dream summer romance.


After ATEEZ’s darker and more intense concepts, this Seonghwa was even more swoon-worthy with how soft and sweet he looked!


5. “Wonderland” Era (Treasure EP.Fin: All To Action): Starting October 8, 2019

The “Wonderland” era took us back to dark-haired Seonghwa, and absolutely no one was complaining.


Like usual, he was able to look like his true soft and sweet self when he wanted to, but paired with a sultry eye look, he was a complete knock-out.


6. “Answer” Era (Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer): Starting January 6, 2020

This era’s visuals for Seonghwa weren’t too different than the prior, he just lacked the long bang look that he had before, and both are stunning!


This length and style of hair is one that is often used on Seonghwa, and it’s clear to see why!


7. “Inception”/”THANXX” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.1): Starting July 29, 2020

The “Inception” and “THANXX” era gave us a look at Seonghwa’s incredibly toned abs for the first time, and that combined with his silver-brown hair and gorgeous styling was enough to make anyone get bias wrecked.


It’s also been so nice to see Seonghwa’s confidence in his visuals grow over time, so that fans are frequently blessed with selfies!


8. “The Black Cat Nero” Era: Starting October 30, 2020

Even though this wasn’t really an “era” of ATEEZ, this Halloween special still gave fans some stunning looks from the boys.


Seonghwa effortlessly pulls off the spooky-yet-beautiful look!


9. “Fireworks (I’m The One)” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.2): Starting March 1, 2021

“Fireworks (I’m The One)” has been an all-around incredible comeback for ATEEZ, among which was the return of Seonghwa’s long bangs and semi-revealing outfits.


As incredible as the all-red clothing looked on him, the more feminine and formal attire he rocked during this time looked stunning on him too!


10. Kingdom: Legendary War/Present: Starting April 1, 2021

And finally, ATEEZ’s time on Kingdom: Legendary War blessed ATINYs with an array of beautiful visuals from Seonghwa, from his iconic red hair to his pirate-style outfit when he slayed the kraken.



Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the idol’s many different and often-changing looks, but there’s no doubt that he’s looked incredible with all of them!