17 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Has The Most Beautiful Soul

His heart is even more beautiful than he is, and that is saying a lot!

Though Seonghwa isn’t the leader of ATEEZ, he is the oldest, and he is known by fellow ATEEZ members and fans alike to be incredibly selfless, nurturing, and attentive to everyone around him. This doesn’t just include the rest of ATEEZ, but staff and ATINYs as well, along with pretty much everyone he meets.


Though he often catches people’s attention quickly because of his incredible visuals, Seonghwa has proven time and again that he is just as beautiful of a person inside as he is on the outside. He’s incredibly soft and considerate, and here are 17 pieces of evidence that will absolutely confirm it.

1. He’ll do whatever he can to help people feel better.

2. He strongly encourages self-love.

3. He’s an advocate for non gender-conforming self-expression.

4. He loves making the other members laugh!

5. Sometimes he’s just so soft that it hurts.

6. There’s a trend on Twitter going around that talks about this being Seonghwa’s “first life” because he’s so pure and innocent and excited about life, and honestly, agreed.

7. He just seems like he would give the most incredible hugs.

8. His genuine joy at seeing other people succeed is the most beautiful thing.

9. His smile is pure sunshine.

10. He may be the oldest, but that doesn’t stop him from being adorable!

11. He’s not afraid to get adorably silly.

12. He actually looks like a literal angel in all white.

13. Though he may seem intimidating on stage, ATINYs know that he’s really anything but.

14. His happiness is just infectious!

15. He couldn’t help this cute and genuine reaction to Jongho’s iconic ending fairy.

16. We all need a friend as supportive as Seonghwa.

17. Never forget this!!

We hope that Seonghwa knows that he is loved so much in return!


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