15 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove This Is ATEEZ’s Seonghwa’s First Life

And we are blessed to be living in it.

A while back, a palm reader named Tony Leggett analyzed the hands of some of ATEEZ‘s members, including Seonghwa.

During the reading, he said that the idol, among other things, has a fun, child-like energy and a very strong heart line that means people will like him or love him for who he is. What really captured some ATINYs’ attention, though, is that he also said that this is Seonghwa’s first life.

Understandably, this made fans of ATEEZ feel even softer for the sweet, sensitive, easily excitable idol, and many have posted evidence to further prove the claim that this is Seonghwa’s first time on the planet. Here are 15 of those posts!

1. This sweetheart is so shy about making friends.

2. They really do seem to have stars shining in them.

3. He expresses his emotions so openly and honestly.

4. Even recently on Kingdom, this is still the same.

5. He just seems to enjoy everything so much, it’s a beautiful thing.

6. Countless moments like this make him seem so full of child-like wonder.

7. He’s just so soft and precious to anyone and anything.

8. How cute is it that he gets so excited over something so small?

9. He focuses on everything with such genuine interest and attention.

10. He’s not afraid to let his inner child show.

11. Everything he does is just impossibly precious!

12. Who would be better to be so close to Seonghwa in his first life than Hongjoong?

13. Could ATINYs (especially Shinestars!) ever get tired of seeing this pure awe on his face?

14. We are so blessed to be a part of it!

15. Maybe he can inspire us to all live with a little more joy and authenticity in our lives!