These Are The “Star Wars” Characters That Suit Each Member Of ATEEZ, According To Seonghwa

The member he chose for Chewbacca is very fitting.

Recently at a fansign event for ATEEZ, an ATINY had the opportunity to ask Seonghwa which members of the group he would assign certain characters from the Star Wars franchise. Seonghwa seemed delighted at the question, and it sounds like it didn’t take him long to make his choices! Here are the characters he chose for each member, and the possible reasons why he picked each one.

1. Hongjoong

Unsurprisingly, Hongjoong was picked as the member to represent the legendary Luke Skywalker! Luke ends up becoming one of the greatest Jedi in history, and ATEEZ’s captain is well on his way to becoming a legendary K-Pop leader of his own. We’ve also seen Hongjoong grow immensely from where he was in his pre-debut days, just like Luke developed from his childhood as well!

2. Seonghwa


Seonghwa chose himself to be assigned to Anakin Skywalker! We assume that he meant before the character became Darth Vader, when he was a kind and generous Jedi willing to risk anything to save his friends. Seonghwa is an incredibly kind and loyal person, so it definitely suits him!

3. Yunho

If any member of ATEEZ had to be chosen to represent Chewbacca, then it makes sense that it would be Yunho! Yunho himself is a giant teddy bear, so that alone makes him similar to the fuzzy character, but Chewbacca’s strong and brave characteristics are also suitable to the loveable giant of ATEEZ.

4. Yeosang

Yeosang was one of two members chosen to represent female characters, and Seonghwa chose him as the member assigned to Princess Leia! Yeosang is known for his beauty — a trait that the two share — but beyond being just a gorgeous person, Princess Leia was known for her mental fortitude and intelligence, never backing down from a challenge. We have seen Yeosang grow in his own confidence over the years, so the pairing seems suitable!

5. San

San was actually the other member of ATEEZ chosen to represent a female character, and that character is Padmé! She is known for her compassion and strength — considered fearless by many — and San definitely seems to have these traits as well. She was also chosen by the Queen of Naboo as a senator and human representative of the Galactic Republic, and San was chosen as the Promotional Ambassador for his hometown of Namhae!

6. Mingi

Seonghwa chose Mingi as the member to be assigned for the great Obi Wan Kenobi! A thoughtful and intelligent strategist, as well as a respected mentor, Obi Wan suits Mingi in that the ATEEZ member is quiet in his own wisdom, and a fantastic teacher when it comes to leading dances.

7. Wooyoung

Hilariously, Wooyoung was chosen by Seonghwa as the member to assign to Jar Jar Binks! While their appearances are certainly nothing alike, Jar Jar is known for his chaotic energy and sense of humor, both of which Wooyoung also definitely has. Beyond that, though, both are also humble, dependable, and loyal as well.

8. Jongho

And finally, Jongho was determined to be the member that most closely resembled the charismatic Han Solo. Though the maknae of ATEEZ doesn’t necessarily share the man’s recklessness, they do share a knack for being quick to master new skills, as well as never backing down from anything that threatens them or their friends.

Here is the original tweet:

Some fans got a little carried away with his answers… 😂

But it’s all in good fun!