Here Are 15 GIFs That Show Off ATEEZ Seonghwa’s Out Of This World Visuals

How is he real? He’s too beautiful!

ATEEZ is a group with members full of charm, talent, and of course, stunning visuals. One member who is often recognized for his insane visuals is none other than the handsome Seonghwa.

Here are 10+ GIFs that show off ATEEZ’s Seonghwa’s out of this world visuals

1. His stare will make your heart explode!

Imagine Seonghwa looking at you like this! Is your heart exploding too?


| Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube

2. He looks good in a ponytail right?

Doesn’t matter what kind of hairstyle he tries, his visuals will always be unbelievably beautiful.


3. Effortlessly stunning

Just a little bit of wind adds to Seonghwa’s already out-of-this-world visuals.

| @minghaon/Tumblr

4. Don’t you love Seonghwa in glasses?

Let’s be real, Seonghwa looks great in everything! From the suspenders to his fluffy hair and glasses, this is look is as perfect as Seonghwa.

| ATEEZ/YouTube

5. He is glowing!

Seonghwa is glowing in this GIF, and it’s not because of the sweat dripping down the side of his face.

| SBS KPOP/YouTube

6. Please prepare your hearts

Sorry for giving you a heart attack with this GIF. Seonghwa needs to know what the power of his beauty can do to ATINYs’ hearts!


7. The walk of a model

Models are lucky Seonghwa didn’t become a professional model.

| ATEEZ/YouTube

8. He’s a cutie alright

Yes, Seonghwa can be hotter than the actual sun, but he can also be incredibly soft and absolutely adorable!

9. A smile that kills

Seonghwa has the loveliest smile that will definitely make your heart melt! That smile can make anyone’s bad day better.

10. Seonghwa making waves in the pool

Seonghwa’s visual in ATEEZ’s “Wave” music video was just too unreal!

11. He’s literally grabbing your heart

His intense gaze into the camera makes it hard to look away!

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

12. His charisma is also out of this world

Seonghwa’s incredible stage presence with his unreal visuals make him the perfect idol! Everything he does is captivating.

13. Seriously, is he even real?

ATINYs probably stare at Seonghwa while trying to figure out how someone can be so gorgeous or if he’s even real!

| ATEEZ/YouTube

14. Seonghwa being boyfriend material!

The golden sun shining on Seonghwa and his charming smile makes him the perfect boyfriend material in this GIF.


15. Just too beautiful

Here’s a GIF of Seonghwa blowing you away with his out-of-this-world visuals!