These Are The 10 Best ATEEZ Songs Ever, According To ATINYs

Do you agree with their choices?

Let’s be real: There’s no such thing as a bad ATEEZ song. The group is incredibly experimental with their music, but they always make their creations work, no matter how unique or unconventional of a route they take! Recently on Reddit, fans were able to vote for what they believe to be the best songs that ATEEZ has released. Each person could pick their top ten songs, with their #1 vote earning 10 points and their #10 vote earning 1 point, with points declining respectively from the first to last place. After the votes were tallied, here are the best 10 ATEEZ songs according to ATINYs!

Note that this poll was run before their latest album, ZERO: FEVER Part.3 was released, so it doesn’t include their newest songs.

10. “Precious”

“Precious” is the fourth track on their TREASURE Epilogue: Action To Answer album, which was released on January 6, 2020. It’s one of a couple songs on this list that is actually a B-side track, and there’s no doubt it deserves a spot on here! It ranked at #10 with 23 votes that totaled to 126 points.


Though “THANXX” lost the fan vote as the main title track on ZERO: FEVER Part.1 in favor of “Inception”, it was still given a music video and is still an absolute bop! It’s the third track on the album, which was released on July 29, 2020, and with 28 votes that total to 131 points, it comes in at #9.

8. “Pirate King”

“Pirate King” is the epic debut title track from ATEEZ, and it set them on a path to success with just how incredible it was for a first song by a group from a small company! Released on their debut EP TREASURE Ep.1: All To Zero on October 24, 2018, it ranks at #8 on this list with 29 votes that total to 146 points.

7. “Wave”

“Wave” was the song that earned ATEEZ their first (and second!) music show win, and it’s easy to see why — the song is the ultimate summer bop! Released as the title track on their TREASURE Ep.3: One To All album on June 10, 2019, this song ranks at #7 on this chart with 30 votes and 151 points.


“HALA HALA” wasn’t the lead single on ATEEZ’s TREASURE Ep.2: Zero To One album — that title goes to “Say My Name” — but it was such a great and iconic song that it still got its own performance video, which really showcased the group’s charisma and power early on in their career! That’s why it deserves the #6 spot on this list with 41 votes that total to 220 points.

5. “Wonderland”

“Wonderland” holds the title as ATEEZ’s song whose music video has the most views on YouTube, as it is nearing 100 million! And it’s easy to see why — not only was the video production incredible, but the song is extremely catchy too, so it’s no surprise it ranked high on this list! Serving as the title song on their full-length album TREASURE Ep.Fin: All To Action which was released on October 8, 2019, it received 37 votes that totaled to 221 points.

4. “Inception”

“Inception” was the title track off of the album that “THANXX” was also on — ZERO: FEVER Part.1 — and the longer-than-average wait between albums from ATEEZ (which was still short at nine months!) was well worth it with this title track. And fans certainly seem to agree, since it ranked at #4 on this list with 38 votes that total to 235 points!

3. “Take Me Home”

Fans have said ever since ATEEZ’s ZERO: FEVER Part.2 album came out on March 1 this year that “Take Me Home” is such an incredible song that it could’ve been the title track, and that still seems to be the case. The actual title song, “Fireworks (I’m The One)” (which is still an incredible song!) actually ranked lower on this list than this B-side track! With 37 votes that total to 240 points, it comes in at #3.

2. “Say My Name”

“Say My Name” is the title track from the same album that “HALA HALA” is off of — TREASURE EP.2: Zero To One — and paired together with the equally iconic B-side track (and the other great songs on this EP), this mini-album is an incredible one that actually ranked first on a favorite ATEEZ albums poll! “Say My Name” takes the title as the group’s second best song with 36 votes and 246 points.

1. “Answer”

And finally, the undisputed best song from ATEEZ is the queen herself, “Answer”! From its legendary opening to its epic chorus, there’s nothing about this song that isn’t pure perfection. It serves as the title track from the album that concluded their TREASURE series, TREASURE Epilogue: Action To Answer, and easily earned the #1 spot with 56 votes and 408 points.

Source: Reddit