ATEEZ Take A Trip Down Memory Lane And React To Their Top 3 “M Countdown” Performances

The group has grown so much!

Along with the other groups participating in Mnet‘s Kingdom, ATEEZ also had a look to see which of their M Countdown performances were the most popular!

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Before any of the results were revealed, the members tried to guess which performances would be in the top three. Wooyoung thought that, even though they had done many M Countdown stages, “HALA HALA” might be an option. Whereas, Hongjoong suggested that it might be their performance featuring fellow Kingdom group SF9.

Here is a look at ATEEZ’s reactions to their top three M Countdown performances!

3. Say My Name (January 2019)

As soon as the clip started playing their 2019 song, “Say My Name,” ATEEZ realized just how much they have grown in the past two years.

Even Jongho, who the members still claim is a baby after two years, saw the difference with the first song he released after turning 20-years-old.

It was also a reminder of just how extreme everything in the performance was, from the pyrotechnics to the clothes they were wearing!

2. Wonderland (October 2019)

In the number two position was their song “Wonderland.” Straight away, the members remembered all of the work that went into the intro that resembled a music video.

With a much darker theme and different concept, San believed that they became more handsome during this comeback, if that was even possible.

Seonghwa couldn’t hide his smile during what he called “the best chorus ever!” As much as Wooyoung liked to think it was because Seonghwa sang it, you have to admit that it is pretty damn catchy!

It’s also easy to forgive Seonghwa when he is also the world’s best ending fairy, which is the opinion of his members and probably many of the fans!

ATEEZ then revealed that “Answer” was meant to be the title track for that comeback, but the members thought that “Wonderland” would suit the album better.

1. Wonderland – Halloween Version (October 2019)

When the video at number one was revealed, the members were shocked that this spooky version of “Wonderland” was higher than the video ranked at number two. They were also taken by how scary they actually were during their performance.

Yet, it was impossible to deny just how strong the performance was!

The set design, costumes, and different ways of representing the dance moves made the stage almost unrecognizable. Yunho agreed that it definitely deserved its place at number one!

With so many stand-out performances, it will be exciting to see what ATEEZ are going to bring to the table when Kingdom starts in April. You can also watch their latest song “Fireworks (I’m The One)” below!