10 Times That EDEN Proved To Be A Perfect Producer And Mentor For ATEEZ

He deserves so much praise from ATINYs!

EDEN is a songwriter and producer at KQ Entertainment, the label that formed ATEEZ, as well as a performer of his own music. He has been in the industry for quite a while and has built up a respected reputation as a talented and hard-working producer, and given how great ATEEZ’s discography has been from the beginning of their career, it’s clear that he was a perfect fit for the group! Here are 10 pieces of evidence that prove he and ATEEZ were meant to work together, and that he’s a wonderful role model and inspiration for the members.

1. He knows how to support and encourage each member to their own individual potentials.

2. His relationship and mentorship with Hongjoong is particularly close and supportive, and it’s endearing to see.

3. Even older K-Pop artists in the industry already knew about EDEN’s skills and anticipated ATEEZ’s brilliance with him helping them behind the scenes!

4. Outside of just their music career, he supports the boys in their lives and health as well!

5. He has sacrificed so much to support the members of ATEEZ, and it’s wonderful to see his efforts paying off with the group’s success!

6. Thanks to him and the other managers, producers, and staff at KQ Entertainment, ATINYs are truly spoiled with the amount of content we’ve been getting!

7. He made sure that ATEEZ’s participation on Kingdom: Legendary War was nothing short of breathtaking with every single performance.

8. He really lets the members tell their own stories in the music they produce, which makes their songs sound extremely personal and genuine.

9. While it’s sad he used to have this kind of mindset, it makes sense why every one of ATEEZ’s B-sides are hits on their own!

10. It’s hard to imagine all the work and energy that went into their upcoming album, ZERO: FEVER Part.3, especially hearing how difficult it was for this hard-working producer.

If you aren’t familiar with EDEN’s own music already, check out his music video below!

And while you’re at it, make sure to support ATEEZ’s recent collaborations with Kim Jong Kook and PENTATONIX ahead of their upcoming comeback, which will be out on September 13.