Just 17 Posts About ATEEZ’s Wooyoung To Brighten Your Day, Guaranteed

You won’t be able to keep a smile off of your face after seeing these!

Wooyoung is one of the visuals of ATEEZ, and is known for his “sexy charm” in the group (which is very well-deserved). However, while he does have this mature and swoon-worthy side to him, he’s also an absolute ball of sunshine!

Between showing affection to the other members of the group, to his hilarious reactions to things and his youthful energy, it’s impossible not to be entertained. Here are 17 tweets about this hilarious and charismatic member of ATEEZ that are sure to have you smiling and laughing!

1. This video of him bursting into song with his beautiful voice.

2. The hilarious and endearing reaction he had to this video of Stray Kids’ Changbin doing aegyo.

3. This adorable rendition of “The Three Bears” that he sang.

4. We could all use a serotonin boost like this!

5. Who could feel sad looking at this cutie?

6. Not sure what exactly he’s doing here, but still cute as heck.

7. This confident confirmation is everything.

8. There’s no difference!

9. Just try not to laugh at these cute random noises from this adorable goof.

10. Wooyoung and Yunho together is a match made in cuteness heaven.

11. Don’t lie, everyone would want to be patted by Wooyoung like this!

12. This sweet way he introduces the other members of ATEEZ.

13. His sweet and relatable reaction to seeing a picture of MONSTA X’s I.M.

14. The way he just looks like he’s about to get up to some trouble.

15. His sweet but teasing answer to an ATINY’s question.

16. His adorably shy reaction to being complimented for his MCing skills.

17. And finally, just this short but powerful clip of his iconic part in “Fireworks (I’m The One)”.