14 Times That ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Showed Love For His Fellow Members… Through Biting

It’s how he shows affection!

Any fan of ATEEZ could tell you that all of the members seem to have a really close and loving bond with each other, and aren’t afraid to show their affection. While some of them show this in more conventional ways, like hugs and kisses, Wooyoung has a more unique way of expressing his love… By biting the other members.

Here are 14 times (of many more) that this ATEEZ member has showed his affection for the rest of the group in this manner!

1. During a recent livestream with Mingi and San, Wooyoung came in and made himself at home… Which included a bite on Mingi’s shoulder.

2. Most ATINYs should know that the story of how Wooyoung became friends with Yeosang at BigHit Entertainment involved a nibble early on in their relationship!

3. He’s not afraid to show his unique form of affection in public, either.

4. He even influences other members like Yunho to follow his example!

5. Honestly, biting just seems to be a sign of affection for all the members of ATEEZ 😂

6. His bestie San, of course, is usually the receiver of Wooyoung’s love bites…

7. Case in point!

8. You don’t even need to see it to know what happened here 😂

9. He doesn’t always succeed in his biting attempts, but he makes them often!

10. It even happens in interviews sometimes, too!

11. Sometimes you never know if he’s going to give a bite or a kiss.

12. The other members of ATEEZ really don’t seem to mind his way of showing love!

13. Even when they know it’s coming, they often don’t try to prevent it.

14. Sometimes he can’t just stop at one.