25 Of The Best Moments From ATEEZ’s World Tour To Celebrate Its Completion

There were so many memories made that won’t be forgotten!

From January 7 until May 12, 2022, ATEEZ put their heart and soul into giving their fans the world tour of a lifetime with The Fellowship: Beginning of the End. With 17 concerts that spanned South Korea, the United States, and Europe, the K-Pop group proved just how beloved they’ve become worldwide with sold-out stops at each location.

Whether you were able to attend the concert or not, there have been so many memories made and shared on social media that all ATINYs could watch and enjoy! While there are far too many to list, here are 25 moments from the tour that won’t soon be forgotten.

1. Any time Seonghwa danced to “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” ❤

2. When Yunho and San channeled SISTAR vibes during “Eternal Sunshine”.

3. All of the Matz (Hongjoong + Seonghwa) moments 😂

4. When Jongho adorably mimicked Mingi.

5. Just… This ❤

6. When Jongho tried to give ATINYs the Yeosang fanservice they all wanted 😂

7. Whatever Mingi and Yunho were doing here 👀

8. When Wooyoung showed off his dance prowess against a backup dancer.

9. When Yunho let out his inner Harry Potter fan 😂

10. Jongho proving he’s truly a golden maknae with his rap skills.

11. The adorable way they did the last “The Real” dance break!

12. Yeosang’s precious dance break for “Eternal Sunshine” will never get old.

13. When San was so cute that even his fellow members couldn’t take it.

14. When Mingi was just being his adorable handsome self.

15. Just cute dance line things.

16. When Seonghwa proved why he’s a lead vocalist ❤

17. When Wooyoung was being his mischievous self 😂

18. All of the WooSan moments ❤

19. Just Yunho being the incredible dancer that he is.

20. This cute leader moment 😂

21. All the moments that Hongjoong looked like he was having the time of his life ❤

22. San casually showing off his dance skills.

23. Every concert showed the power that ATEEZ and ATINYs have together.

24. Any time ATEEZ and ATINYs sang “Star 1117” together ❤

25. And finally, ending the list on this reminder 🔥


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