50+ Images Of ATEEZ’s Yeosang To Prove His Visual Status Since Pre-Debut

Visual since birth.

Yeosang is one of three visuals in ATEEZ — the other two being Seonghwa and Wooyoung — and looking at him, it’s very easy to see why! He has a unique and beautiful mix of delicate features and very well-defined musculature, and looking at pictures of him through the years (even before he debuted), it’s obvious he was born to be a visual! Here’s a look back through the ATEEZ eras of how Yeosang’s looks have evolved over time.

1. Pre-Debut: Before October 24, 2018

It wouldn’t come as any surprise if Yeosang had tons of people crushing on him in his teenage years — he already looked like a model! Plus, his birthmark is so pretty.

It’s not too surprising, either, that he was a BigHit Entertainment trainee before he joined KQ Entertainment — any company would regret not taking him on as a future idol!

2. “Pirate King”/”Treasure” Era (Treasure EP.1: All To Zero): Starting October 24, 2018

Yeosang’s debut style suited him perfectly, with his gorgeous auburn hair and extremely minimal makeup!


Even when he did have a slightly more made-up style, it’s obvious that it only enhanced his already perfect features.


3. “Say My Name”/”HALA HALA” Era (Treasure EP.2: Zero To One): Starting January 15, 2019

This era quickly proved that Yeosang is more than capable of pulling off a darker look as well!


With a darker hair color and light eyeliner, along with his fantastic stage presence, Yeosang showed just how intense he can appear.


4. “Wave”/”Illusion” Era (Treasure EP.3: One To All): Starting June 10, 2019

This summery era brought back a more bare-faced and doll-like visual style for Yeosang!


With his bright smile, warm caramel-colored hair, and glowing, flawless skin, this Yeosang could make anyone swoon.


5. “Wonderland” Era (Treasure EP.Fin: All To Action): Starting October 8, 2019

And once more, the darker and intense Yeosang reappeared for ATEEZ’s iconic and powerful “Wonderland” era!


Though his hair color didn’t change much, just switching up his styling and on-stage persona made him seem like practically a different person.


6. “Answer” Era (Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer): Starting January 6, 2020

The “Answer” era was the start of Yeosang’s much-loved period of longer hair, and it was fun to see all the different looks his stylists made with it.


It looks like he had fun playing with it too — and who could blame him? It looks so soft and silky!


7. “Inception”/”THANXX” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.1): Starting July 29, 2020

This was easily one of, if not the, most iconic and memorable eras for Yeosang in terms of his styling, and he looked like a literal angel with his long silver-blond locks.


And once more, he also proved that his bare face really doesn’t need any improvements with drastic makeup!


8. “The Black Cat Nero” Era: Starting October 30, 2020

The rough and shaggy look that Yeosang had for this special release by ATEEZ made him look like a hot, old-school rockstar.


It’s not a style that just anyone could pull off, but he did so with ease!


9. “Fireworks (I’m The One)” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.2): Starting March 1, 2021

Fans of Yeosang had already known by this point that he was ripped, but the “Fireworks (I’m The One)” era really made it apparent just how much he’s been working out.


The return of his black hair was a blessing as well, and it contrasted so beautifully with his pale skin and light-colored contacts!


10. Kingdom: Legendary War/Present: Starting April 1, 2021

And finally, Yeosang is currently still rocking black hair and minimal makeup, though he had some more intense looks that suited him so well for Kingdom: Legendary War.


He can so seamlessly switch from rugged and handsome to elegant and beautiful, it shouldn’t be legal!