17 Reasons Why ATEEZ’s Yeosang Is Far More Than Just A (Very) Pretty Face

There’s a reason he’s in both the dance and vocal lines!

Yeosang is known by many to be one of the prettiest members of ATEEZ — he is, after all, one of the visuals, and there’s no denying that he’s absolutely beautiful!

However, there’s so much more to Yeosang than just his appearance. While it’s sweet to remind him of his good looks, we should also appreciate just how many other wonderful qualities he has as a person and a performer. Here are 17 of many reasons why Yeosang is more than just his beauty!

1. He absolutely nails being an opening and ending fairy.

2. Lead dancer for a reason!

3. His facial expressions are no joke!!

4. He’s already a wonderful MC!

5. His duality is incredible.

6. His beautiful, kind, and selfless response to antis is something to be admired.

7. Don’t let his beauty fool you, he’s ripped!

8. Further proof of that fact.

9. His relationship with Wooyoung in particular is hilarious and precious.

10. Once again, his dancing is something to be awed by.

11. Reminder that he’s a talented vocalist as well!

12. He’s so captivating and convincing when he gets into character.

13. Then on the other hand, he’s so endearing when he gets shy.

14. His fashion is always on point!

15. Even dressed in soft pastels, he has no trouble looking like he belongs dancing with CRAVITY.

16. He’s not afraid to voice his appreciation for the other members’ visuals.

17. Everyone needs to appreciate this talented king!!