17 Times That ATEEZ’s Yeosang And Wooyoung Flaunted Their Seven-Year-Long Friendship

Wooyoung left his dream company just to stay by Yeosang’s side.

Before they joined KQ Entertainment, ATEEZ members Yeosang and Wooyoung were actually trainees at BigHit Entertainment for several years. During their time there, the two of them formed an incredibly close bond through their shared struggles and accomplishments. Despite their hard work, however, their chance to debut at the company seemed like it might never come, and Yeosang made the decision to leave and try his chances at another label.

Despite BigHit Entertainment being his dream company, as he was a huge fan of BTS, Wooyoung decided to follow his friend to KQ Entertainment, where they, of course, ended up debuting together in ATEEZ! Here’s a look at 17 times that the two idols have shown just how close the last seven years of friendship have made them.

1. Through good times and bad times, these two wanted to stay together.

2. You can’t forget this iconic choreography!

3. They may have opposite personalities, but people say that opposites attract, right?

4. These goodballs are adorable.

5. This is too precious for words.

6. They’re clearly very comfortable with each other!

7. Yeosang looks so betrayed 😂

8. In typical ATEEZ style, talking about their treasures… 🥺

9. They’re so proud of their long-term friendship!

10. You know you’re best friends with someone when… 😂

11. Of course they thought of each other first ❤️

12. They definitely seem to be great influences on each other!

13. Truly friendship goals 😂

14. Their dynamic together is just perfect!

15. The cutest cuddle buddies 🥺

16. This basically sums up their friendship in one image.


17. No compilation could be long enough to fully appreciate how close these two are!