15 Times ATEEZ’s Yunho And Mingi Proved They’re Total Friendship Goals

Is there anything cuter than the friendship between these two?

Yunho and Mingi are a pair of friends in ATEEZ whose relationship goes back before the group debuted. They actually knew each other when they were in high school, and attended the same dance academy together in preparation for their K-Pop idol careers! They actually didn’t know that they were both auditioning for KQ Entertainment until it happened, and if that’s not fate, then what is?

These two giant, loveable, silly guys have the most adorable and hilarious energy together, and it’s impossible not to smile over their cute antics! Here are 15 times where Yunho and Mingi proved that they are absolutely friendship goals.

1. Just look at the warmth and affection in their eyes.

2. These gentle giants make the perfect tall and adorable pair!

3. It’s so obvious how perfectly their sweet, silly personalities match with each other!

4. Their friend chemistry was strong right away when they first met!

5. What a handsome couple of goofballs!

6. They truly love and care about each others’ wellbeing.

7. Don’t we all want this kind of friendship?

8. They have the same adorable puppy-like energy!

9. There’s absolutely nothing fake about the bond these two share.

10. What’s a good friendship without affectionate harrassment?

11. Dance buddies!!

12. They really seem to be in a world of their own sometimes!

13. It’s obvious how close and comfortable these two are with each other.

14. Yunho’s not only the energizer of ATEEZ, but especially for Mingi!

15. This is the kind of love and support that everyone deserves in a best friend.