17 Pieces Of Evidence About ATEEZ’s Yunho That Proves He’s Too Precious For This World

This gentle giant deserves all the love in the universe.

Yunho may be one of the tallest members of ATEEZ, but don’t let his size intimidate you! While he’s incredibly powerful, strong, and captivating on stage, behind the scenes ATINYs know that he’s about as soft and kind-hearted as they come.

Here are 17 pieces of evidence that support the idea that this sweet vocalist is too precious for this world!

1. The way he supports and encourages ATINYs like this!

2. He can’t help but smile at Jongho’s silly ending fairy even after an intense performance.

3. He is endlessly positive and optimistic, even during hard times.

4. ATINYs are basically married to him now after this sweet proposal.

5. How could you not be charmed by this?

6. Who else misses these sweet giants together?

7. He’s just so soft and precious.

8. Even he knows he’s as adorable as a puppy! (Plus this fan interaction is just too cute).

9. Okay, but how many people already had a crush on this cutie?

10. He’s not afraid to show his affection for other members.

11. He just can’t help but join in when cuteness is happening.

12. How does he make this look so adorable??

13. We would all need a Yunho in a zombie apocalypse!

14. Where’s the lie?

15. He has the perfect view on what love is.

16. He just looks like he would give the best hugs.

17. He’s just such a lovely, warm, kind, caring person.

As sweet and adorable as he is, though, there’s no denying his incredible charisma on stage!

If you’re not stanning Yunho, you’re definitely missing out!


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