13 Reasons Why ATEEZ’s Yunho Deserves To Go Viral For His Dancing Abilities

He’s not a main dancer of a high-level performance group for no reason.

While ATEEZ members like San and Hongjoong often get a lot of praise for their incredible stage presence (and it is definitely well-deserved!), there’s another member whose phenomenal dance abilities aren’t as often discussed: Yunho. As one of the main dancers of the very dance-skilled group, there’s a reason that Yunho has just that little bit of extra skill that gave him that title! Here are 13 times that Yunho has proven that he deserves to go viral for his dancing abilities.

1. His vocals are ridiculously stable, no matter how hard he’s dancing.

2. Seriously, it’s ridiculous! 😯

3. Despite being the tallest member (and tall overall – 185cm, or 6’1″!), his movements are always so precise and sharp.

4. Not only is he an incredible dancer, but he’s entertaining and hilarious, too!

5. When he and his dance bestie Mingi perform together, is there anything more powerful?

6. He doesn’t need loud, pounding music to captivate an audience.

7. When he gets in his on-stage persona, it’s impossible to look away.

8. This right here!

9. There’s a reason he’s given the center part for so many of ATEEZ’s dance breaks.

10. He’s a master at pretty much any dance style you can name.

11. We can’t forget that not only is he a great dancer, but he learns dances incredibly fast, too!

12. How many dancers do you know that get this into their performance?

13. Even among fantastic non-K-Pop dancers, he still stands out.

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