12 Reasons Why ATEEZ’s Yunho Truly Is The Definition Of An All-Rounder

There’s seemingly nothing he can’t do!

A K-Pop idol who is an all-rounder is one that is talented in many different areas of the music genre, such as singing, rapping, and dancing, and often have other skills as well, such as making choreographies, songwriting, and producing. ATEEZ‘s Yunho is an idol who can easily fit the definition of an all-rounder, given how incredible he is in so many different skills!

While he’s most well-known for his dancing and singing abilities, there’s far more to him than just those two (already impressive) talents. Here are 12 reasons why Yunho is the definition of an all-rounder in K-Pop.

1. There’s a reason that “YUNHO ULTIMATE DANCER” is currently trending on Twitter!

2. What makes his sharp, precise dancing even more impressive is how tall and long-limbed he is, which makes clean dancing much more difficult.

3. And not only does he have fantastic body control, but he’s ridiculously flexible and acrobatic as well!

4. The emotions he puts into each performance are breathtaking and captivating.

5. He’s also a great choreographer as well!

6. There’s a reason he landed a lead role in a K-Drama only a few years into his idol career!

7. When it comes to vocal abilities, it’s incredible he is able to stay so stable when singing live during ATEEZ’s intense choreographies.

8. He’s just a phenomenal vocalist in general who deserves to be praised for his golden voice.

9. He’s also absolute model material!

10. He’s also able to rap so easily??

11. He also makes a great MC!

12. And to finish things off… This impressive clip should speak on its own.