17 Times ATEEZ’s Yunho Was Total Boyfriend Material

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this big puppy?

ATEEZ‘s handsome and multi-talented vocalist and main dancer Yunho has long been praised for how sweet, considerate, and kind-hearted he is. With a height of 184cm (about 6′), beautiful and gentle eyes, and an overall puppy-like aura, it’s no wonder so many ATINYs are swooning over him! Here are just 17 of the countless times he has seemed like the ultimate boyfriend material.

1. Doesn’t he just look like the softest gentleman in these pictures?

2. He’d never let you go or let you down.


3. He looks so preciously sweet and boyish here.


4. His big, thick sweaters make it seem like he would be the softest person to cuddle.


5. He would probably take you anywhere you wanted to go, together.


6. Turns out Taylor Swift was singing about Yunho this whole time.

7. He looks like the most angelic boyfriend in the world in all white.

8. Who could resist a boy with this adorable pouty smile?


9. This smile is enough to make anyone’s heart flutter.


10. This image makes it so easy to imagine a romantic and snuggly at-home dinner date.


11. He still looks incredibly handsome in casual clothing.


12. But when he’s dressed up, he looks even more gorgeous than he already is.


13. His insane body control would make him the best dance partner.

14. Looks like he’s picking out flowers for someone special!


15. He isn’t afraid to get ridiculously cutesy.

16. Just imagine being serenaded by this beautiful voice every night.

17. … And just imagine being able to get this adorable giggle out of him on a regular basis.