10+ Awards That BTS’s Stylists Definitely Deserve To Win

This style team deserves the “Putting Up With Jin’s Sass” award, and many more!

BTS‘s style team is one of the best in the business. They deserve all the accolades for dressing BTS in their best, but also for all the work they do behind the scenes. Here are 10+ awards that these stylists deserve to win!


1. The “Capturing the Maknae” Award


2. The “Chasing Jimin to the Ends of the Earth” Award


3. The “Putting Up With Jin’s Sass On a Daily Basis” Award


4. The “Sweet Dreams, Mochi” Award


5. The “Repairing The Damage” Award


6. The “Infinite Patience” Award


7. The “My Life Span Was Just Shortened By 10 Years” Award


8. The “Best Human Static Generator” Award


9. The “Keeping It Professional Despite Constant Temptation” Award


10. The “Best Sweat-Wiper In The Business” Award


11. The “Always Giving ARMY What They Want” Award

Let’s all give a round of applause to the style team responsible for these outfits!