With BABYMONSTER’s Introduction Videos Out, Here’s The Detailed Info We Know About The Members

Their ages are all confirmed now.

With the release of the live performance video for BABYMONSTER‘s last member, Ruka, each of the seven girls set to debut in the group have now been revealed. Over the last several weeks, we’ve slowly learned more about each member, and while there’s still a lot we don’t know, they’re not quite as mysterious as they were before! Here’s what we know about each of BABYMONSTER’s seven members at this point.

1. Ruka

Born on March 20, 2002, Ruka is the oldest member of BABYMONSTER at 20 years old. She’s from Japan, making her one of YG Entertainment‘s first Japanese idols alongside fellow member Asa. Her position seems to be as a rapper and dancer of the group, with her specialty being hip-hop dancing.

She has been dancing since she was six, and is a former member of the Japanese girl group Shibu3 Project. She joined YG Entertainment in 2018, speaks Japanese, Korean, and English, and already has a talent for rap-making in the first two.

2. Pharita

Pharita is the second-oldest among the members, born on August 26, 2005, making her 17 years old. One of the group’s two Thai members, she and Chiquita will follow BLACKPINK‘s Lisa as some of the first Thai idols under YG Entertainment. Her position is listed as a vocalist and dancer at this point.

She’s a former model, and even won first place at Inter Model Thailand in her home country. She’s fluent in Thai and English due to attending an international school, and is apparently a huge anime fan! She loves going to the zoo, and her favorite animals are giraffes and birds.

3. Asa

Asa is the third-oldest member of BABYMONSTER, born sometime in January 2006, making her 17 years old. Her position at this time is listed as a rapper and dancer for the group, with dancing shared as one of her hobbies along with cooking and jumping rope.

She has apparently been with YG Entertainment since 2016 or 2017, and as the other Japanese member alongside Ruka, she’s fluent in Japanese, Korean, and knows some English. She’s also experienced in musical theater!

4. Ahyeon

Ahyeon is in the middle of the group’s oldest and youngest members, born on April 11, 2007, making her 15 years old. She’s listed as a vocalist, rapper, and dancer of BABYMONSTER, showing her multi-talented skills already! Prior to joining YG Entertainment, she also passed auditions for JYP Entertainment and Banana Culture.

She was accepted into YG Entertainment in 2018, and has been training there for about four years now. She’s fluent in Korean, Chinese, and English, attended Ara Dance Academy, and will be attending the prestigious Hanlim Arts High School alongside fellow member Haram.

5. Haram

Haram is the third-youngest member of the group, born on October 17, 2007, making her 15 years old. She’s listed as a vocalist and dancer for BABYMONSTER.

While there isn’t a lot known about her yet, Haram is a former child actor and model, and has appeared in commercials. She joined YG Entertainment in 2017, speaks both Korean and English, and has a younger brother.

6. Rora

Rora is the second-youngest member of BABYMONSTER, born on August 5, 2008. She’s a former member of the kid group U.SSO Girl where she went by the name U.ha and was the maknae. She was also a model and actress at the time.

She’s skilled at playing the piano, and speaks Korean, English, and some Chinese. She’s friends with NewJeans member Hyein (who was also in U.SSO Girl), her favorite colors are light purple, black, and white, and her position is presumed to be as a vocalist and dancer in BABYMONSTER.

7. Chiquita

Finally, Chiquita is the youngest member of BABYMONSTER, born on February 17, 2009, making her just under 14 years old at this time. She’s listed as a vocalist and dancer of the group, and is the second Thai member alongside Pharita.

She was born in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, and was in a cover group called RedRose when she was younger. She’s fluent in Thai, Korean, and English, and is the younger sister of Copper Dechawat from The Star Idol and 789 TRAINEE. At this time, not much more is known about the youngest member of BABYMONSTER!

On a recent Reddit post discussing the members of the upcoming YG Entertainment girl group, many netizens shared their uncertainty over what the company has planned for BABYMONSTER’s young members.

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Source: Reddit