Meet The Two New Thai K-Pop Idols Who Will Debut In YG Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group BABYMONSTER

Here are some must-know facts about them!

K-Pop fans from all over the world are looking forward to YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group. BABYMONSTER. Two new trainees are set to become the next Thai singers who will take the K-Pop world by storm.

Learn more about them below!

1. Pharita

First up, the older of the two is none other than Pharita. Born on August 26, 2005, she is one of the unnies of the group at 17 years old. It is therefore no surprise that she acts like an older sister to Chiquita who is four years her junior.

The Thai artist has been a trainee in the company since 2020. She is primarily a vocalist as seen in her live performance video which showed off her rich tone and emotional voice.

Besides this, she also stands out thanks to her photogenic nature.

Yang Hyun Suk even described her as someone who “doesn’t look human” because it appears as if she “came straight out of a Disney film.”

As seen in her pre-debut photos, Pharita has always had a pretty look that makes it unsurprising that she would become a celebrity.

Pharita Pre-Debut

Her extensive experience in the pageantry world…

…and the modelling world likely contributed to her current ease at being in front of the camera.

She is now ready to make her name known in the entertainment scene as a member of BABYMONSTER!

2. Chiquita

Next up, Chiquita is the second female Thai trainee in YG Entertainment who will debut in their new girl group. Born on February 17, 2009, she is just 13 years old, making her the maknae or youngest member.

Her voice, however, is miles ahead of people her age. Deep, mature, and controlled, she is a vocalist with incredible potential.

The trainers in YG Entertainment noted this as well. In fact, Yang Hyung Suk stated that he knew she would debut from her first monthly evaluation in July 2021. Her singing, dancing, expressions, and stage presence were already better than those who were there for half a decade.

I knew I had to make her part of the project over trainees that have trained for five to six years. She is the youngest and last member to join BABYMONSTER.

— Yang Hyun Suk

As shown in her solo introduction video, the staff often cannot believe that she trained the shortest among everyone.

One thing is certain: both Pharita and Chiquita will represent Thailand well in the K-Pop scene!

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