Baek Jong Won Couldn’t Help But Laugh After Experiencing BTS V’s Charm

V can charm anyone!

In the most recent episode of BTS’s Run BTS!, famous chef Baek Jong Won made a guest appearance to judge their cooking skills.

Throughout the entire episode, we could see Mr. Baek smiling from ear-to-ear and that was mostly because he couldn’t get away from V’s charismatic charm.

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Let’s take a look at why Baek was laughing so much during the show!

1. Can I get your autograph?

V, who is part of the biggest K-Pop band in the world, was asking for Baek’s autograph.

V: Teacher…my mom learned cooking from you…could I get your autograph after this is over?
Baek: You want my autograph?
V: Sorry but this is the first time I’ve ever asked for an autograph.

2. Balance game

While asking Baek a series of questions for the balance game, V had everyone falling over laughing with his strange yet interesting question.

“Is it possible or impossible to eat eight geonbbang in one minute?” Geonbbang is a Korean version of hardtack, a simple cracker made out of flour, water, and salt and used as a sort of military ration.

3. Standing proud

After receiving a compliment from Baek for being good at cleaning, V stands proudly against the wall with a smile beaming on his face!

4. Safety first

V used a food thermometer to check his own temperature!

5. Lids should be open when cooking

When Jin asked if they close or open the lid when cooking, V answered matter-of-factly that it must be open. “It has to be open so that the good smell can spread everywhere and other people will want to purchase it too, helping the economy.”

6. Will you take it off?

V was shocked at how wide Baek’s shoulders were in real life. Baek revealed that they were actually wide if he took his shirt off. Without hesitation, V asked if he would take it off for them then!

7. A diet Baek didn’t know about

When scooping the rice for Mr. Baek, V gave him only a little bit, stating that he knew he was on a diet recently. Turns out V knew about a diet that Baek didn’t know about!

8. Promotion kings

While taking a look at the ham, V began promoting it passionately, stating that it contained 12 g of protein, which would be especially good for those that worked out.

Honestly though, we’d be laughing at just about anything V does!

Source: theqoo