10+ Beary Cute Pictures Of Red Velvet’s Seulgi To Make You UwU All Day

Your face will hurt from all the UWU-ing.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi is the cutest bear in the K-Pop forest. In fact, she’s so unbearably cute that even other idols have crushes on her! But, honestly, who wouldn’t? Look at this ball of absolute adorableness:

1. Her hand heart aegyo

2. Her advert perfection

3. Her beary cute charms

4. Her unbearable odango aegyo

5. The creative way she shows love

6. Her very UwU energy

7. Her cute even while drinking face

8. Her LOL-tastic but still UwU-worthy expressions

9. Her churro eating charm

10. Her sporty, outdoor beauty

11. Her fierce, upscale look

12. Her absolute, unadulterated preciousness

Isn’t Seulgi super duper cute? We hope you didn’t get hurt UwU-ing too hard!

Red Velvet