Behind The Scenes Footage Shows The Adorable Lead-Up To IU and 2PM Wooyoung’s Unrevealed Kiss Scene From “Dream High”

Their reactions are too precious and innocent.

IU and 2PM‘s Wooyoung played an adorable couple on Dream High.

The two never had a “true” on-screen kiss scene on Dream High, but behind the scenes footage shows an unrevealed kiss scene from the drama. During the lead-up, IU and Wooyoung had some adorable moments.

There are even some moments where Wooyoung teases IU for her inability to remain serious.

Even after a few attempts, the two still can’t stop laughing whenever they see each other’s faces. IU also had some adorable reactions to shake off her embarrassment.

Wooyoung has some failed attempts, as he also couldn’t seem to remain serious for the scene.

The two have so much trouble, to the point where they start jokingly asking for help.

Later attempts don’t get any better, as the two continue laughing.

As soon as the two get close to each other, at least one of them nearly burst out laughing.

Here is the full video below!