Behind The Scenes Footage Of “The World of The Married” Shows How Playful The Cast Are To Each Other

Only laughter between the cast members!

The World of The Married sure has caused a lot of stress to the viewers. Viewers seem to be getting a rollercoaster of emotions with each episode.

Behind the scenes footage shows that the cast is extremely playful with each other. Despite filming a tension-filled scene, the cast members share nothing but laughter after the scene concludes.

The cast members even have to film multiple takes due to their laughter, as it seems that no matter how much tension is in a scene, the cast just laughs it off.

There’s even a hilarious moment of Jeon Jin Seo sneakingly trying to eat some food while he’s waiting for his scene to begin.

The cast members even show how much they care for each other, as they immediately check on each other after more physical scenes.

Here is the full video below!