30+ Wholesome Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The “Squid Game” Cast That Everyone Should Get To See

Competitors onscreen, friends offscreen!

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While Netflix‘s Squid Game is not a wholesome slice-of-life tale of love and friendship, the story of those working on the set of it sure is! Competitors onscreen but best friends offscreen, there are numerous sweet moments from the cast we have all come to know and love.

So, here are 30+ behind-the-scenes photos of the Squid Game cast, directly from their camera rolls, that you absolutely need to see…

1. Our favorite picture on the internet

2. The loves of our life

Lee Yoo Mi (Ji Yeong) and Jung Ho Yeon (Sae Byeok) are such an iconic duo.

3. The other love of our life

Wi Ha Joon (police officer Hwang Jun Ho) completely captured our hearts.

4. Kim Joo Ryoung’s character Han Mi Nyeo (212) might not be so lovable on the show, but she is IRL

5. What Red Light, Green Light really looked like…

6. What Tug-Of-War really looked like courtesy of Heo Sung Tae

7. BLACKPINK’s Jennie visited her friend Jung Ho Yeon 

8. Just chillin’

9. Suit up!

How can you not love this cast? Look at these faces!

10. Competitors onscreen, friends offscreen

11. He has our entire heart

Justice for Ali, played by the great Anupam Tripathi.

12. Transformation from Jung Ho Yeon to Kang Sae Byeok

13. Man behind the mask

John D. Michaels plays one of the VIPs. 

14. Kim Joo Ryung with Director Hwang Dong Hyuk

15. Swipe left for a cute surprise

16. Picture within a picture

17. Anupam Tripathi never stops performing, even during breaks


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A post shared by Anupam Tripathi (@sangipaiya)


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A post shared by Anupam Tripathi (@sangipaiya)

18. Left behind

19. Time for a rest…

20. From the camera’s POV

21. Not dead, just sleeping

22. Winner in our eyes

23. Our girls

24. The show’s couple

25. Bros hanging out

26. Kim Joor Young with Park Hae Soo

27. A survivor (at the time)

28. The games were more fun on-set

29. We can’t forget Player 276, played by Chris Lagahit (also known as Chris Chan)

30. He’s also besties with Anupam Tripathi IRL!

Fun fact: Chris was originally going to play Anupam’s character!

31. Got the squad right behind her

32. She’s actually an angel!

33. The cutest

We’re so grateful for her selfies.

34. True friends

35. This cast really is the cutest!

36. The team behind it all

Source: BuzzFeed

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