50+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of K-Drama “True Beauty” Cast Everyone Should Get To See

🎶I’m in the mood🎶

For many of us, tvN‘s True Beauty was a comforting K-Drama to watch during what has been a difficult time. Since it has ended, we have had what seems like neverending Post-Drama Depression worse than ever before. Here are 50+ behind-the-scenes photos of the True Beauty cast to get you in your feels.

1. The table read!

2. Moon Ga Young getting her close-up as Lim Ju Gyeong!

3. Cha Eunwoo doing some reading

4. You’ll never catch Hwang In Yeo sleeping on the job (unlike Seojun in class)

5. Eunwoo with his fluffy costar

6. Family meal times!

7. Soo Ah and Tae Hoon forever ❤️

8. Moon Ga Young and Eunwoo looking at some of the shots together

9. Park Yoo Na trying to cool herself with a fan because she’s hot 😏

10. Eunwoo serving us boyfriend looks

11. Im Se Mi and Oh Eui Shik laughing in between takes

12. Eunwoo transforming into Suho

13. Three pretty best friends

14. Okay Dokey Yo!

15. Eunwoo prepared to fight

16. Hee Kyung is our favorite gamer girl

17. The cutest piglet!

18. Eunwoo breaking character

19. Something Moon Ga Young and Lim Ju Gyeong have in common? They love their job!

20. Kang Min Ah shared both video and photos from her time working on True Beauty

21. Eunwoo trying to keep warm!

22. Hwang In Yeop’s duality!

23. The cutest friend group 🥺

24. Im Se Mi studying her lines

25. Eunwoo gettin’ his head in the game

26. Lim Ju Gyeong: Warrior Princess

27. Acting is a job that requires you to get your hands dirty

28. Everyone’s OTP

29. Yeah, we like bad boys 😏

30. Park Yoo Na and Kang Min Ah don’t even have to pretend to be friends

31. Two handsome best friends

32. Their chemistry 🥺

33. Moon Ga Young and Eunwoo watching something together

34. The best wedding I’ve ever been to

35. Eunwoo taking a much-needed rest

36. Kim Min Gi strumming his way into our hearts

37. Park Yoo Na being both pretty and handsome at the same time

38. Vampire Suho is forever iconic

39. Best friends hanging out on the field

40. What’s Ju Young doing in his sister’s room?

41. Eunwoo winking at the camera *swoon*

42. Park Yoo Na caught doodling in class

43. Eunwoo dressed as a prince 🥺

44. The scene stealers

45. What the cameras see

46. Eunwoo enjoying the ramen

47. A look inside Tae Hoon’s room

48. Relive this painful memory with a shot of Eunwoo in the sky (but safe due to wires)

49. Father and son

50. Father and adopted sons