Here’s 10+ Of The Best Ahgase Reactions To GOT7’s Jackson Wang And Jinyoung’s Solo Comebacks

Ahgases are living their best lives right now!

GOT7‘s Jinyoung and Jackson Wang both made their solo comebacks this week! Jinyoung finally made his solo comeback with his self-composed song “DIVE.” Meanwhile, Jackson Wang released his collaboration with Internet Money for “Drive You Home.”

Jinyoung’s cover for “DIVE” (left) and Jackson’s cover for “Drive You Home” (right) | @jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram & @teamwangofcl/Twitter

Ahgases are truly living their best lives right now as the GOT7 members continue to release new music. Here are 10+ of the best Ahgase reactions to Jackson and Jinyoung’s solo comebacks…

1. The memeception

2. A well-fed fandom

3. Two pretty best friends

4. The contrast is beautiful

5. Drive you home where?

6. Our playlists look so good right now

7. “The four nations lived together in harmony…”

8. Very educational entertainment

9. This adorable fanart!

10. They all look so happy, which then makes us so happy

11. This should become a regular thing now

12. We stay winning

13. Proud is an understatement

14. What’s a bias at a time like this?

Check out Ahgase reactions to BamBam and Yugyeom’s solo comebacks below:

Here’s 10+ Of The Best Ahgase Reactions To GOT7’s BamBam And Yugyeom’s Solo Comebacks

Check out Jinyoung’s “DIVE” below:

Watch Jackson’s music video for “Drive You Home” below:

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