5 Of The Best Dark Concepts In K-Pop That Will Leave You Sleepless

Who needs sleep when you can have K-Pop-induced nightmares? ^_^

It’s always exciting when your favorite K-Pop artist has a comeback. What will their concept be like? Will it be bubblegum cute or girl crush vibes? While those are both very exciting concepts, it’s undeniably nice to see darker vibes in the vibrant world of K-Pop.

1. “Chase Me” by Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is known for the dark, nightmare concept and heavy rock sound, but it is still refreshing to see a group of strong women successfully utilizing a concept that is largely unseen in the industry.

2. “Voodoo Doll” by VIXX

Like Dreamcatcher, VIXX is well-known for their darker concepts. “Voodoo Doll” was certainly one of their darkest videos, and it is incredible!

3. “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet

K-Pop and murder? I mean… 💅 Let’s be honest, though, whether it’s bubblegum pop or dark vibes, Red Velvet is capable of it all.

4. “Diamond Lost” by Gain

“Diamond Lost” is a dark visual masterpiece that seamlessly combines art and music. Gain was undoubtedly an artist before her time.

5. “Monster” by EXO

EXO has successfully executed numerous concepts over the years, but their dark concepts are wildly sexy and leave fans wanting more.

There are numerous artists who have flawlessly executed dark concepts over the years, from Miss A to Girls’ Generation, and while they all deserve to be listed, we had to narrow it down to just five! Who would you have included on this list?