The 10+ Best Dressed Idols Who Slayed The Red Carpet At The 2023 “The Fact Music Awards”

The idols really stared awards season with a bang!

As the end of the year approaches, it becomes the start of award season for K-Pop, with idols from different groups and companies attending events. On October 10, the 2023 The Fact Music Awards (TMAs) took place and before the event, the idols took to the red carpet.

Here is a look at 10+ of the best-dressed idols.

1. NewJeans

NewJeans really cemented their influence and started the event’s red carpet perfectly. From the minute they stepped on, netizens were shocked by the looks that were truly unexpected. Whether it was Danielle‘s formal dress or Minji‘s girl crush vibes, each member shined.

With so many different styles among the members, it seemed impossible to choose just one member that shined. In particular, although all the outfits couldn’t be more different, they all seemed to work perfectly together and showcased each member’s personality but also the overall image of NewJeans.


Although only debuting a few months ago, BOYNEXTDOOR has already made a huge impact and continued this on the red carpet. Although they are wearing black suits, the details give “renaissance” vibes with the textures and fit, combining modern and traditional cuts.

3. NMIXX’s Lily

NMIXX truly shined with their outfits on the red carpet, combining different textures and styles to create elegant looks. While they all looked stunning, it was the simplicity of Lily‘s outfit that stood out. With a cropped blazer, with embellishment, and a well-fitting skirt, it just oozed style and would be something many netizens would definitely wear.

4. IVE’s Yujin and Wonyoung

IVE served major badass vibes with their outfits as they made their way onto the red carpet. With different outfits that suited each member, they all came together to create an image that put a stylish twist on business wear.

In particular, when it came to the tallest members, Wonyoung and Yujin, the outfits particularly stood out because the pieces made their proportions even more unreal. With the colors, cut, and style, the members served serious “girl crush” vibes.”

5. Aespa’s Winter

As soon as aespa walked onto the red carpet, the members were the epitome of style and sophistication with their classic black tie looks. In particular, Winter exuded true Hollywood vibes when she came out with a form-fitting dress with feathers that just screamed glamor.

6. TREASURE Hyunsuk

TREASURE never fails to make an impact at whatever event they attend, and this event was no different. Each member looked cohesive with their outfits but stood out in a way that matched their personality. In particular, Hyunsuk‘s outfit combined classy formal wear with accessories and textures that made it the perfect piece to scream unique fashion.

7. ATEEZ Seonghwa

ATEEZ came out looking like royalty, with the members alternating between black and white for their outfits. In particular, with the tail jacket and fluffy hair, Seonghwa radiated “Prince” vibes with his outfit, and the way he held himself was truly elegant and sophisticated.

8. Kwon Eunbi

After an amazing summer of events, Kwon Eunbi made sure to shine on this year’s red carpet. The idol looked tall and allowed her proportions to shine in a blazer dress that had slits in the side. While it added sexiness, the whole look was extremely elegant and allowed her visuals to shine rather than the outfit to overpower it.

9. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

It seems like SEVENTEEN never fails to make a huge impact at any event they attend, and their fashion always impresses. In particular, all the members showcased different looks and it allowed their personalities and proportions to shine. In particular, with his new short hair and military-style jacket with button details, Mingyu made models glad he chose to become an idol.

10. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

As the host of the show, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun made sure to make a huge impact with her sexy but elegant look. The fishtail style allowed her proportions to shine, and she undoubtedly looked like a model with her elegant aura. In particular, with such a detailed dress, the idol kept her accessories simple to allow her visuals to shine.

Source: THE FACT