(★Melon) Best Dressed Male Celebrities Of 2017 Melon Music Awards

K-Pop fans got to witness great and memorable performances 2017 MelOn Music Awards. Fans were also pleased to see so many well-dressed male stars. The handsome faces and colorful wardrobes were just enough to make the fans go wild.

Check out which male celebrities made Koreaboo’s list of the best dressed of 2017 MMA!

10. Ahn Hyo Seob

Ahn Hyo Seob’s perfect length purple coat grabbed many people’s attention.

His long legs and limbs also well suited his leather pants.

9. Yeo Jin Goo

This handsome actor appeared in a grey one button suit jacket along with a black bow tie that represents dandiness.

Source: Epoch Times

8. Kim Young Cheol

Don’t be fooled by his innovative hairstyle, as he tried on an unconventional oversized suit jacket with no tie white dress shirt.

Also, Kim Young Cheol wore his signature black framed glasses, adding a finishing touch to his marvelous look.

7. Yoo Yeon Seok

When in doubt, just try a well-fitted suit.  Yoo Yeon Seok is a living proof that sometimes less is more.

He showed up in a clean black and white tux that can’t go wrong with his tall, dark and handsome look.

Source: Epoch Times

6. JBJ

JBJ radiates passion and energy through this beautiful black matching suit, along with gold bracelets decorated on the sleeves.

Their vibrant and youthful energy was well represented by the outfits.

5. MeloMance

MeloMance showed up at the red carpet, looking poised and casual, yet very fashionable.

The oversized coats supported by the turtleneck is a precise portrayal of nerdy chic.

4. Bae Jung Nam

Bae Jung Nam is a well-known fashion model and he did not disappoint his fans by showing up all stylish in a feather printed suit jacket with cool hair-do.

3. EXO

EXO exhibited 8 different styles on the red carpet today.

From Sehun’s no tie, the plain clean and simple look to Kai’s carelessly worn flare pants, the boys look stunning as always.

Source: Epoch Times

2. Song Seung Heon

Classic and handsome. Song Seung Heon showed the audience what color coordination is all about when it comes to being the best dresser.

He showed up in the nice dark grey suit jacket, accompanied by a black vest and white tuxedo shirt.

Even his bowtie was perfect.

1. BTS

BTS is always fashionable and A.R.M.Y is crazy about their mad fashion.

7 different style was presented by BTS on the red carpet.

From Sexy buttoned up RM to shiny silver accent on V’s suit jacket.

It looks as if you can throw any kind of fabric to BTS members and by the time they show up with it, it looks amazing.