10+ Of The Most Jaw-Dropping Looks From The Hottest Stars That Attended The Gucci Cruise Fashion Show

They came from across the world to a beautiful location!

It was recently announced that stars from across the world would be coming together in Korea for the annual Gucci Cruise. This year, the event was set at the beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, and the backdrop really allowed the stars to shine.

Here’s a look at some of the best-dressed stars from across the world that attended the event.

1. ITZY’s Ryujin

ITZY’s Ryujin always looks stunning wherever she goes, and she combined bold colors and prints for her Gucci look at the event. While the jacket had shoulder pads and a design that seemed like it was from the 70s, the green bag and sequined skirt modernized it, and the shoes with socks added a casual feel.

2. THE BOYZ’ Younghoon and Juyeon

THE BOYZ members Younghoon and Juyeon made sure they coordinated with each other, wearing the signature Gucci colors and designs. While they were both looking fundamentally casual, the accessories and small details made it more formal and allowed their visuals to shine.

3. Lim Ji Yeon

The Glory actress went for a much more sparkly look by wearing a normal shift velvet dress embellished with gems and glitter embroidery. With her simple hairstyle, makeup, and accessories, the actress looked flawless and showcased the beauty in simplicity.

4. IVE’s Leeseo

As one of the youngest stars to attend the event, Leeseo perfectly combined the classic style of Gucci with something age appropriate. The school uniform vibes truly looked stunning and the oversized fit of the blazer was truly iconic and matched with the accessories.

5. NewJeans’ Hanni

Gucci ambassador Hanni absolutely shined and was one of the hot topics at the event. While some thought Hanni’s outfit was too mature, the look was perfect for most netizens as the fit was simple and bright, allowing her youthful visuals to shine.

6. Lee Soo Hyuk

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk always shows up and shows off at designer events, and Gucci was no exception. Lee Soo Hyuk shined in a pale blue blazer and teamed it with a casual white t-shirt and leather pants. Of course, unsurprisingly, the key point for the actor’s outfit was the simple accessories that added depth to the look and emphasized his visuals.

7. Kim Hye Soo

Despite being in her 50s, actress Kim Hye Soo always makes sure to look radiant and youthful in her looks. The actress chose to combine different styles to a look that might seem incohesive but worked perfectly. The accessories added an extra layer to the look, which definitely stood out.

8. IU

The birthday girl IU truly made an impact at the event, proving why she is Korea’s Golden Girl. Unlike other stars, netizens couldn’t stop praising IU for incorporating parts of Korean culture, whether it was the dress design or her accessories. As always, IU proved to be the main event and even the simplicity of the look shined.

9. aespa’s Winter

Aespa’s Winter went for a much bolder look at the event, whether it was her outfit or makeup. With her signature short locks, she looked badass af with a cropped polo-shirt and leather bright red leather skirt. The idol’s visuals truly shined and the unique look stood out against the glamor with something more casual and understated.

10. Gulf Kanawut

Thai BL actor Gulf Kanawut definitely stood out at the event with his bright blue number. With so many different colors, the simplicity of the outfit’s design allowed the star’s visuals to shine. In particular, teaming it with a plain black back and patterned boots

11. Woo Do Hwan

Actor Woo Do Hwan channeled his inner “Danny Zuko” with his look at the event. Teaming a leather jacket with a simple polo shirt and black pants, the slicked-back hair made the actor look even more handsome.

12. Elizabeth Olsen

As one of the global stars attending, Elizabeth Olsen combined colors and unique textures to create an elegant look perfect for the occasion. The bold lip and gold accessories added to the look and made her stand out amongst the other looks.


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