The Best Gender-Swap Idol Covers That Every Fan Needs To Watch

Sometimes when idols perform covers sung by groups of the opposite gender, they can surprising pull off the concept just as much as the original.

Here are 15 times when idol groups did gender-swap covers that blew fans away!1. TWICE – SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U”

2. Super Junior, 2AM, 2PM, SHINee – Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”

3. J.Y Park, 2PM’s Junho and Nichkhun – miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

4. f(x) and KARA – SHINee’s “RingDingDong”

5. BIGBANG – 2NE1’s “I Love You”

6. iKON – EXID’s “Up & Down”

7. J.Y Park – Sunmi’s “24 hours”

8. TWICE (and GOT7) – GOT7’s “Just Right”

9. 2AM – SISTAR’s “Alone”

10. Girls’ Generation – Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”

11. NU’EST, BtoB, VIXX, and A-JAX – Girls Day’s “Something”

12. INFINITE’s Sungyeol and Sungjong – Troublemaker’s “Troublemaker”

13. 2NE1 – BIGBANG’s “Last Farewell”

14. GOT7’s Mark, Jinyoung, and Youngjae – GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu”

15. BtoB – MAMAMOO’s “You’re The Best”

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