5+ K-Pop Idol Covers Of BTS Jungkook’s “SEVEN” That Impressed Netizens

Idols too are smitten with the mega-hit.

This summer, the world is humming to the tunes of Jungkook‘s mega-hit, “SEVEN.” Not just fans but idols too are smitten with the track, and many have presented their unique renditions of the song. This further shows the broad appeal and inspiration that “SEVEN” has in the K-Pop community.


Here are some of the most impressive covers by idols that have netizens raving!


1. TXT’s Taehyun

As someone from BTS‘s brother group, it’s no surprise that Taehyun would be among the ones to give his take on “SEVEN.” During a live chat with fans on Weverse, Taehyun’s cover struck a chord with listeners, resulting in the clip garnering over 552,000 views and 11,500 likes on Twitter.

And the cherry on top? Jungkook himself saw the cover and dropped a thank you to Taehyun on Weverse. Talk about sibling love!

2. LOONA’s Yves

Yves gave “SEVEN” a new flavor by adding a feminine touch. Posting an excerpt of her full cover on Instagram stories, she was lauded by fans for her refreshing rendition. The female version resonated well, racking up close to 100,000 views on Twitter.

3. TEMPEST’s Hanbin

The song’s energy was beautifully captured by Hanbin during TEMPEST’s Showcon Tour in Seoul. Fans at the venue couldn’t help but erupt in cheers for his dynamic dance cover. Online, the performance clip received more than 79,600 views and over 4,390 likes on Twitter, indicating admiration from the virtual audience as well.

4. BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun

One of the most viral covers was presented by Jaehyun. Uploaded on BOYNEXTDOOR’s official Twitter account, the cover soared to incredible heights, amassing 2.7 million views. With over 61,900 likes, the cover clearly was a hit among fans. Jungkook, always appreciative, extended his thanks to Jaehyun on Weverse, further sealing the cover’s stamp of approval.

5. ZEROBASEONE’s Matthew

Sometimes, the most spontaneous covers can be the most endearing. Matthew’s impromptu rendition of a “SEVEN” verse on a radio show was testimony to this. The brief yet heartfelt cover received much love online, earning more than 9300 likes and 245,600 views on Twitter.

6. ciipher’s Keita

A true testament to the song’s virality, Keita’s cover became a Twitter sensation. The Boys Planet contestant showcased his take on “SEVEN,” which garnered a staggering 1.1 million views. With 37,800 likes and over 14,000 retweets, Keita’s cover is proof of the track’s unwavering appeal.

These covers highlight not only the talent of the idols covering “SEVEN” but also the universal love and admiration for Jungkook’s original track. It’s always heartening to see the camaraderie and mutual appreciation among artists.

| SBS Inkigayo

As more idols join the “SEVEN” cover bandwagon, fans eagerly await to be treated with more incredible renditions.