10+ Best K-Drama Moments Of 2022, Selected By Netizens

What is your favorite 2022 K-Drama scene?

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2023 is here, but 2022 made a lasting impact on us with many great K-Dramas.

Recently, a tweet posted by kath (@kdramatreats on Twitter) went viral, asking netizens to quote-tweet their favorite K-Drama scene or moment from 2022.

Here are some of the most popular responses in no particular order…

1. Twenty Five Twenty One 

2. Tomorrow

3. Alchemy of Souls 

4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo 

5. Little Women

6. Snowdrop

7. Blueming

8. Business Proposal 

9. All of Us Are Dead

10. Yumi’s Cells 2

11. Our Beloved Summer 

12. Weak Hero Class 1

13. Thirty Nine

14. Big Mouth

15. My Liberation Notes

16. Today’s Webtoon

17. Our Blues

18. The Red Sleeve

19. Pachinko

Honorable mention: Love and Leashes

It’s technically not a K-Drama since it’s a movie, but this scene was iconic.

What is your favorite 2022 K-Drama scene?

Source: kdramatreats