10+ Of The Most Jaw-Dropping Looks From The Hottest Stars Attending The 2022 Asia Artist Awards

These looks were just pure 🔥🔥

As the end of the year comes, it is the time when idols come together to celebrate their accomplishments at award shows. On December 13, stars gathered in Japan for the annual 2022 Asia Artist Awards (known as the AAAs).

Here are 10+ of the best-dressed idols from this year’s 2022 Asia Artist Awards.

1. IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

As expected, as the host of the show with Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, IVE’s Jang Wonyoung definitely understood the assignment with her look.

Dressed in a tight-fitting cream dress, the detailing and tailoring showcased the idol’s visuals and proportions. The addition of the shrug with what looked like petals added some fun and texture to the look.


With THE BOYZ, their outfits were so cohesive and creative that it seemed impossible just to pick one of the looks. Combining white and blue denim, the addition of sparkles and gems made them stand out on the red carpet.

In particular, the contrast between the fits of the members allowed them all to shine and reflect their personalities. Whether it was New, Haknyeon, and Kevin wearing shorts or the bedazzled jackets, each look was truly perfect.

3. Kep1er

Like THE BOYZ, Kep1er perfectly understood the assignment with a similar formal theme but added their own personality to each dress. Each member seemed fit for a royal ball with nautical colors and designs.

Yet, each style was created perfectly for the members, whether it was Huening Bahiyyih‘s asymmetrical fit or Yujin‘s more fairytale look. Together, they were the true belles of the ball, and they really made a statement on the red carpet.

4. LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin

Unlike many of the stars, LE SSERAFIM came out in their performance looks which meant they had a more casual look. Yunjin was no exception, and everything about her look seemed modern, cool, and perfect for the group. With a combination of dark and bright colors, it worked perfectly.

In particular, for Yunjin, it was the accessories, including her hair braids, gloves, and waist chain, that really completed the look. It was perfect for K-Pop’s “Hot Girl” and made her stand out.

5. AleXa

AleXa never fails to wow netizens with her looks, and this event was no different. Compared to the other looks, the soloist exuded pure girl crush vibes in her leather look, with a detailed bodice and well-fitted shorts, all brought together by her accessories.

While other idols shined in a group, AleXa made sure that she was the star of the red carpet and channeled her inner sexiness for the look. Another reason why she looked so amazing was that it also allowed her visuals and charm to shine without overpowering her.

6. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo

It seems like SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo can’t go anywhere without sending the internet into meltdown with his visuals. At this year’s event, all the members looked amazing but something about Wonwoo’s look exuded CEO vibes.

When it came to candid shots from the event itself, Wonwoo literally looked like the main character from a K-Drama. With his glasses and classic fit, it seems impossible not to swoon at the idol’s visuals.

7. IVE’s Ahn Yujin

If there was an outfit that was just #goals, IVE’s Ahn Yujin had it. Combining simple designs but with a perfect fit, Yujin looked classy AF in a beautiful suit two-piece that seemed like it was created just for her body and shape.

The addition of her FENDI earrings truly made the idol exude powerful vibes, and she wouldn’t be out of place as the CEO of a huge company. The simple hairstyle and makeup allowed Ahn Yujin’s visuals to shine.


Another group that just totally killed it with their looks are the members of TREASURE. No matter which event they attend, the group ensures they make a statement on the red carpet, and this event was no different.

With their stunning yet simple looks, each member’s personality and style were shown through the small details in the suits. Yet, with the colors and fits, they all worked perfectly together and were just as cohesive as the group was on stage.

9. Han So Hee

Wherever Han So Hee goes, she always captures the attention of netizens with her flawless looks. The AAAs were no different, as the actress truly shined on the red carpet and during the event.

Although the patterns might have been bold and bright, they in no way draw away from Han So Hee’s visuals. In fact, it managed to emphasize them as the details were all in the dress and away from her beautiful features.

10. Park Min Young

It was definitely a night for actresses to shine, and Park Min Young was no different. Wearing a fitted white and black halterneck, the minimalistic design allowed her visuals to shine but also created a perfect silhouette.

As expected, the beautifully fitted dress made the actress’s proportions shine, and although she has been acting for nearly 20 years, her visuals are truly ageless.

11. 2PM’s Lee Junho

When it comes to idols that never disappoint on the red carpet, 2PM’s Lee Junho is always on that list. During the event, the idol truly shined in a classy and sophisticated look.

Compared to the other male stars, Lee Junho shined in a velvet texture, and it isn’t surprising that he truly stood out on the red carpet! It seems like with each event he attends, the veteran idol continues to shine and capture the hearts of fans.

12. Kim Sejeong

Actress Kim Sejeong truly stole the hearts of fans at this year’s event, and her outfit was just a huge part of this. Along with her visuals and charm, the white princess dress looked truly enchanting.

As expected, Kim Sejeong literally looked like a princess and an angel in her white dress. The beautiful fit and details made her stand out from the crowd. Combining that with her visuals, it almost seems impossible not to have her on the list.

13. Stray Kids’ Lee Know & Han

The shot of Stray Kids’ Lee Know and Han seemed like the perfect example of dressing the part but also making an impact on the red carpet. Like the rest of the group, the duo had outfits combining different colors and textures.

Yet, it was the lethal combination of their visuals, charisma, and outfits of Han and Lee Know that worked perfectly. With Lee Know’s black jacket and Han’s brown, it was a perfect contrast, and the accessories added to an already epic look.

14. PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn

Thai actor PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn truly shined on the red carpet of the awards show and made netizens worldwide take notice. While sporting a sophisticated and formal long jacket and pants, it was the mesh top that sent the internet into meltdown.

The combination was perfect for the actor and, with his visuals, it was truly a lethal combination that had heads turning throughout the event.