The Best Male And Female Idol Actors, As Picked By Koreans

Can you guess who they are?

It’s common to see idols switching careers and becoming actors, which is why there is a stigma in South Korea against idol actors. The following idols were able to overcome this stigma and make a name for themselves as actors.

In no particular order, here are the best idols turned actors as picked by Korean netizens.

Female Idols

1. Suzy

Suzy gained popularity for her roles in Dream High, While You Were Sleeping, and Vagabond, among others.

2. IU

IU is known for her roles in Dream High, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Hotel Del Luna.

3. UEE

UEE played a role in the dramas My Only One, Marriage Contract, Golden Rainbow, and Ojakgyo Family.

4. Nana

Nana has starred in the dramas Justice, Kill It, and The Good Wife.

5. Jiyeon

Jiyeon is known for her roles in Dream High 2, Triangle, and Encounter.

6. Eunji

Eunji is recognized for starring in Reply 1997, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and Untouchable.

Male Idols

1. Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik is famous for his roles in High Society, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, and Suits.

2. Im Siwan

Im Siwan is recognized for his roles in The Merciless, The Moon Embracing The Sun, and The King In Love.

3. D.O

D.O has starred in Unforgettable, My Annoying Brother, and Swing Kids.

4. L

L is famous for his roles in Angel’s Last Mission: Love, The Master’s Sun, and Mr. Shark.

5. Yook Sungjae

Sungjae is popular for starring in Reply 1994, Guardian: The Lonely And Great God, and Who Are You: School 2015.

6. Lee Joon

Lee Joon is recognized for his roles in Heard It Through The Grapevine, Woman With A Suitcase, and My Father Is Strange.

7. Jinyoung

Jinyoung gained popularity for his roles in The Legend Of The Blue Sea, When My Love Blooms, and A Stray Goat.

Source: Pann