Here’s 30+ Of The Best “BTS In The SOOP” Moments To Celebrate Its First Anniversary

Relive the good times…

Believe it or not, our favorite comfort show, BTS‘s reality series, BTS In The SOOP, is already a year old! August 18, 2020, is the day that the first episode was released. So, while we reminisce over the good times and continue to wait for a second season, let’s relive some of our favorite memories.

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There are honestly so many moments from the show that are too good, and there’s an equal number of both heartwarming and hilarious. Still, we have compiled some of our personal favorite moments.

In no particular order, here are 30+ of the best moments from BTS In The SOOP to celebrate its first anniversary…

1. The Emmy for “Best Intro” goes to…

2. And let’s not forget how BTS created it…

3. It’s the way that they can all always count on Jungkook

4. When BTS did karaoke…

5. Jungkook talking to both animals and inanimate objects

6. V and J-Hope just vibing

7. Whenever the members cooked together

8. BTS proving they are multitalented with their paintings

9. Jin was truly wild for this one

10. Jimin imitating Jungkook’s snoring

11. This YoonJin conversation that honestly makes us cry

12. There’s also TaeKook’s conversation…

13. On a funnier note, V used Jungkook’s abs instead of a punching bag

14. Jinnie Potter?

15. When Suga listened to RM’s “In The Soop”

16. Meals with BTS are a blast

17. Video evidence that Jimin is smol

18. Jungkook taking with RM about the lyrics to his song “Still With You”

19. Lots of cuddles

20. Their laughing fits

21. Suga revealing why he goes fishing with Jin

22. Not only do they fish together, they game…

23. This conversation

24. Jin playing “You Raise Me Up”

25. When Suga said this…

26. Jin and the love-hate relationship with the punching bag

27. V’s mom packing them food

28. All of J-Hope’s various “dates” with the members

29. Fireworks, lots of fireworks!

30. The bug version of “Mikrokosmos”

31. RM and his love for plants

32. The king of product placement, Suga

33. Last but certainly not least

What’s your favorite BTS In The Soop moment?

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