The 10 Best Moments From GOT7’s Mark And DAY6’s Jae Twitch Stream With Corpse Husband And Karl Jacobs

Corpse Husband stans Stray Kids!

Last night, musician and internet personality Corpse Husband (also known as Corpse) streamed with two of our favorite gamers, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan and DAY6‘s Jae Park along with fellow Twitch streamer and YouTuber Karl Jacobs. The YouTubers helped to teach the K-Pop idols how to play Minecraft for the first time. Here are 10 of the best moments from the stream.

1. When Corpse exposed himself to be a STAY.


he knew what he was doing #skz #straykids #mcyt #corpse

♬ 神메뉴 – Stray Kids

2. When Mark was freaking out about zombies.

3. When they all had a nice family meal together.

4. When Jae killed Mark’s new friend. 😳

5. Everyone low-key just looking for a way to bring up their friend Sykkuno 😃

6. When Jae and Corpse was just chillin’ during a war.

7. The fact that Mark made his Minecraft skin this iconic look. 😂

8. When Jae tried to imitate Corpse’s deep voice.

9. When Mark was “tearing this family apart.”


mark tuan, corpse, jae. and karl playing minecraft #marktuan #kpop #got7 #fyp #foryoupage #corpsehusband #karlojacobs #eajpark

♬ original sound – Got7Gems

10. When Mark killed Jae!

During the stream, Mark shared some exciting news! He is currently working on recording new music. At this time, Jae is also working on new music as he is preparing for a comeback with DAY6.

| tuanzy/Twitch

Mark has just recently gotten into streaming, following in his brother Joey’s footsteps. Jae streams regularly on Twitch, playing a variety of games, including Among Us and Valorant.

You can watch Mark’s full stream here.

Source: tuanzy, eaJParkOfficial, CORPSE_games and karljacobs