These Are The Best Outfits For Women According To Koreans

Korean women are all about these fashion trends so far!

1. Patterned jackets

Image: Hankooki

Soft patterned jackets are in this season! Paired with a dark turtleneck and black pants, these jackets are perfect for the office. The outfit can easily become date attire by switching out the formal pants for a skirt, as above, or jeans. Change the black turtleneck for a brown one and you’ve got a completely different look in seconds!

2. Knee-length coats

These long, fitted coats are making a huge impact this winter – Korean women love how they show off the waistline. Shin Se Kyung wore this outfit in the 2017 drama Black Knight, and it instantly became a hit!

3. Combination

Image: Fashion Seoul

It’s all about the trendy, feminine look, and this outfit combines the two above trends of patterns and long coats. It matches a grey-colored check coat with a waistline, denim pants and sleek white heels, complete with a white sling backpack.

4. Spring Garden

Image: Fashion Seoul

With spring fast approaching, florals are in, paired with muted colors. KUHO, a women’s clothing brand within the fashion division of Samsung C&T, has released the ‘Spring Stroll’ concept, putting flower prints front and center. Blouses and dresses featuring muted purples, greens and yellows are trending, as well as flower print patterns.

5. Simple glam

Image: Fashion Seoul

Suzy rocked this understated glam look at a fan signing last month and it’s soft but unique style has quickly become popular. The top’s muted colors, light pattern, and lace material contrasts nicely with the black silhouette of the dress, which flatters her feminine figure. The detail of the shoes and the light jewelry complete the elegant look.

Source: Fashion Seoul