10 Of The Best Plot Twists In K-Pop Music Videos

Wait! What?

Plot twists are always an interesting part of movies, books, and music videos, so when they’re combined with the creative stories found in K-Pop you’ll end up with some pretty unique concepts. While not all K-Pop MVs have these twists that will keep you guessing until the very end there are a number of videos that do. Without giving away too much, here are some of the best plot twists in K-Pop.


1. The real identity of the woman in SHINee’s “Sherlock

In “Sherlock”, the members of SHINee are detectives who receive a mysterious envelope filled with photos and a map that leads them on a hunt to find some missing jewelry. While they search around they consistently run into a woman who vanishes soon after one of the members spots her.


While the plot is straightforward enough the twist comes at the end when the boys find a newspaper article with a photo of the mysterious woman…from 100 years ago!


2. What happens to the love story in Davichi’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Davichi‘s “Don’t Say Goodbye” tells the story of an astronomer finds a woman in the garbage at the end of his driveway. He takes her in and the two slowly fall in love with each other. As the MV goes on you learn a little bit about his past love who went missing 5 years ago and how his new love reminds him of her.


The real twist is what happens when he receives a mysterious phone call telling him that he can have the first love back if he exchanges his new love for her. While you may think he would choose the woman he knows is well and loves him, instead, he takes her to the kidnapper and makes the exchange.


3. The heartbreak in BIGBANG’s “Haru Haru”

Things start off to a rocky start at the beginning of “Haru Haru” when G-Dragon catches sight of his girlfriend and T.O.P having a secret meeting in an alleyway. This leads to a confrontation and some fighting but the meeting wasn’t really what G-Dragon thought it was.


And the moment you find out that his girlfriend is sick is absolutely heartbreaking.


4. What happens with the love story in WINNER’s “I’m Young”

What starts off as a beautiful reunion of two people unfolds into a stunning love story. You see glimpses of their past time together and you realize that the two are still in love with each other.


And then the end of the MV comes out of nowhere and punches you right in the feels when you find out that she’s already moved on with someone else.


5. The big fish in N.Flying’s “The Real”

N.Flying‘s “The Real” is a quirky and fun music video that will certainly keep you entertained. While the boys are all out fishing for what they assume is a huge fish they might get more than they bargained for with the real deal!


Because it turns out to be a giant girl!


6. The identity of Zion.T in Zion.T’s “Eat”

Zion.T shows up in some pretty weird places throughout the MV for “Eat” and you can’t help but think it’s just a little bit strange. Add in his cracked sunglasses and you might just be scratching your head as to what he’s trying to get at.


But the mystery is solved at the very end of the MV when you realize that he’s actually the girl’s phone! And suddenly the cracked glasses and odd places make perfect sense.


7. The undeniable twist in K.Will’s “Please Don’t”

If you’ve never seen this video, you absolutely have to! In this video, it seems like Seo In Guk is secretly in love with Dasom who is dating Ahn Jae Suk. Your heart will be torn into pieces seeing Seo In Guk taking on the role of best man at the couple’s wedding. We don’t want to give anything away so seriously just watch this one!


8. The betrayal in B.A.P’s “One Shot”

In B.A.P‘s “One Shot”, the members are actually part of a gang and when one of their own gets kidnapped they’ll do anything to save them. By collecting enough money they meet up with the captors and make the transaction just to witness their member getting shot. But that’s not the real plot twist…


This is!


9. The real crime in BIGBANG’s “Lies”

In “Lies”, we see G-Dragon getting hauled off down a hallway in handcuffs surrounded by reporters. Later we see him behind bars wonder exactly what did G-Dragon do.


But everything is revealed when we catch a glimpse of a girl killing her abusive ex-boyfriend and G-Dragon takes the fall for her.


10. The identity of the man in MAMAMOO’s “Uhm Oh Ah Yeah”

In this video we see Solar trying desperately to seduce a very handsome man that she immediately falls in love with when she first sees him.


The only problem is…that guy is actually a girl! We can’t blame Solar though because Moonbyul is way too good looking not to fall in love with!