15 Of The Best Reactions To BTS’s “Version 4” Concept Photos On Twitter

ARMYs are ‘Fans in Luv’ with these new photos.

BTS just released the fourth and final concept photos for their upcoming album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, and ARMYs are in ‘Fans in Luv’ with them! Here are some of their best reaction tweets so far.

1. Too bright

2. Like, WAY too bright!

3. J-Hope’s duality

4. Ready to fight anyone and anything

5. Not just a ‘yes’, but a ‘damn YES’

6. Home Alone, starring Jimin

7. The only logical conclusion

8. “I’m just falling over.”

9. Waiting for the photos to drop like:

10. These spoiler-free hints

11. Gotta squish them cheeks

12. God’s greatest masterpiece

13. Topic of the day: Jin’s forehead

14. Playing with our feelings

15. Keep strugglin’…or not?