These Are The Best-Selling Groups For Each K-Pop Generation

These legendary groups have (and are) reigning supreme.

The K-Pop we know today emerged in the 1990s, aka the golden age of girl bands and boy bands. Since then, dozens of talented K-Pop groups have debuted and made their mark, but very few have risen right to the top. Here are the best-selling boy groups and girl groups for each generation.


1. 1st Generation Girl Group: S.E.S (3.6 million)


2. 1st Generation Boy Group: Seo Taiji and Boys (8 million)


3. 2nd Generation Girl Group: Girls’ Generation (5.3 million)


4. 2nd Generation Boy Group: TVXQ! (12 million)


5. 3rd Generation Girl Group: TWICE (5.6 million)

In addition to being the top-selling girl group of their generation, TWICE is also the best-selling K-Pop girl group of all time!


6. 3rd Generation Boy Group: BTS (16 million)

Not only is BTS the best-selling 3rd generation boy group, they are the best-selling K-Pop group in the history of K-Pop, surpassing the previous title holders, TVXQ!, by 4 million!

7. 4th Generation Girl Group: IZ*ONE (700,000)


8. 4th Generation Boy Group: Stray Kids (500,000)

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