5 Of The Best Two-Tone Rapper Duos In K-Pop

The rap styles of these duos complement one another perfectly.

The concept of two-tone rapper duos is a popular one in K-Pop. The idea is that you have a slower powerful rapper with a deeper voice and this is complemented by another rapper who has a higher voice with a faster rap.

1. G-Dragon and T.O.P

BIGBANG’s rapper duo of G-Dragon and T.O.P almost single-handedly popularised the “two-tone” rapper trend in K-Pop. The pair complement each other so well and their synergy has only increased as the years progress. When they release songs as a duo they go by “GD&T.O.P” and each release reflects their styles very well.

2. Bobby and B.I

Bobby and B.I of iKON is another classic example of a two-tone rap duo. Bobby a deeper and more powerful rap while B.I’s voice is higher which complements Bobby’s style. The two are also both formidable stage presences.

3. Taeyong and Mark (NCT)

Taeyong and Mark of NCT have been impressive in this style ever since their debut. “The 7th Sense” has the pair in a “two-tone” style right off the bat. Taeyong’s rap is slow and powerful while Mark’s is fast and flows well with his higher voice.

4. Jooheon and I.M

Jooheon and I.M of MONSTA X is another version of a two-tone rap duo. I.M is the deeper rapper who exudes a powerful flow while Jooheon is the lightning-quick rapper who raps in a higher pitch. This is perfectly exemplified in “DRAMARAMA” where a Jooheon rap break is immediately followed by a I.M rap break, showing the contrast clearly.

5. Hoony and Mino

Hoony and Mino of WINNER are a two-tone rap duo to a certain extent. Both rappers have similar vocal range but Seungyoon almost fills the deeper rapper position though he is quite melodic while Mino is a faster rapper with a skilful flow.