Big Hit Releases BTS’s Comeback Stage Behind Photos For MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 Promotions

Legendary kings.

Big Hit Entertainment shared beautiful behind photos on Facebook from BTS‘s comeback stage performances for their MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 promotions held earlier this year. These crisp HD quality photos showed off the members’ flawless visuals and style. Let’s take a look at the photos!

1. V is an angel dressed in white

2. Golden Maknae Jungkook

3. Dance leader J-Hope

4. Suga with his hair down is a whole mood

5. King Jimin with his flawless beauty

6. Jin being the worldwide handsome man that he is

7. President RM looking fresh as usual

8. Seven beautiful swans

9. Suga a.k.a genius rapper

10. We will never forget V’s iconic neck tattoo

11. J-Hope looks good doing any dance move

12. Jin with his center-part hair will never get old

13. Jimin with blue hair will always be legendary

14. Swag for days

15. Vocal king Jungkook

16. Powerful energy

17. Leader RM showing off his charisma

18. Suga doing his thang

19. Jungkook’s turquoise hair

20. J-Hope’s eyes baby

21. V’s sexy jawline

22. Jimin’s unreal body proportions

23. Jin’s legs for days

24. Black swan kings

25. V’s whole look is iconic in itself

26. Suga lookin’ fly

27. Jimin’s energy can be felt through the picture

28. Jungkook’s talented vocals shine through

29. J-Hope our ray of sunshine

30. Come on, bring it

31. Bring the pain on

32. Another legendary BTS promotion

Watch their iconic performances below!